History 1004: Western Civilizations To 1600

College of the Siskiyous <www.siskiyous.edu/>

Semester: Fall 2013

Instructor: Dave Bush



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Course Description

History 1004: Western Civilizations to 1600

This introductory course focuses on the origins and development of civilization in the western world from pre-historic times to the 17th century. Topics include the first civilizations, the Greek and Roman civilizations, the Middle Ages, the rise of church power, the Reformation, the Renaissance, Europe and the new world, state building and the scientific revolution. (AA,CSU,UC) Advisory: ENGL 1001.


Class Information

Syllabus (with book list) - <www.siskiyous.dabush.org/Syllabus1004Siskiyous_Fall2013_08-11-13.html> (Updated: August 11, 2013).

Class Schedule - <www.siskiyous.dabush.org/ClassSchedule1004_Fall2013Siskiyous_08-15-13.html> (Updated: August 15, 2013).


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